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The current demand for quality healthcare professionals in a hospital setting far exceeds the supply. Hospitals are faced with the challenges of a growing shortage of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.


These shortages can greatly affect healthcare services by burning out existing providers who have to work double time to meet the demands for patient care.  Sooner or later, the burnout that existing long-term providers feel, causes them to quit which only exacerbates the problem of shortages.  Let us help you stay ahead of staffing demands by supplying long and short-term providers to fill vacancies.

Because 3D Healthcare Services has access to thousands of physicians and other healthcare professionals who are actively seeking opportunities nationwide, we are able to find high quality providers to fit your organizational needs. We offer sourcing, screening, and credentialing of providers. Candidates are only presented to you after undergoing our verification processes. 

We are also able to facilitate the interview process and assist in contract preparations. From the beginning to the end of the recruitment and hiring process, we are by your side.

Hospital Staff
Image by Hush Naidoo


Matching Professionals with Career Opportunities for Over 20 Years

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